Sunday, August 13, 2017

The topic probability is one of the most important topic for Elitmus test. Practice these questions on the topic of probability.

Question: For the experiment \toss a coin and spin a spinner with three equal sectors labeled A, B, and C."
(i) List the sample space S.
(ii) List the event E, \toss a head and spin an A or B."
(iii) Find P(E).
(iv) List E.
(v) Find P(E).

(i) S = {HA;HB;HC; TA; TB; TC}
(ii) E = {HA;HB}
(iii) P(E) =2/6=1/3
(iv) E = {HC; TA; TB; TC}
(v) P(E) =4/6=2/3

Question: A card is drawn at random from a deck of 52 playing cards. What is the probability of drawing each of the following?
(i) A red card.
(ii) Not a face card.
(iii) The queen of spades.
(iv) A seven or a black card.

(i) 26/52=1/2
(ii) 40/52=10/13
(iii) 1/52
(iv) P(7) + P(black) U P(7 \ black) =4/52+26/52 U 2/52=28/52=7/13

Question: If you draw a whole number from 1 to 10 at random, what are the odds:
(i) In favour of getting a 7?
(ii) Against getting a prime number?
(iii) Against getting a number less than 9?

(i)  1:9
(ii)  6:4 (prime numbers are 2,3,5,7)
(iii) 2:8

Question: In a proposed business venture, Stephanie estimates there is a 65% chance she will make $70; 000 and a 35% chance she will lose $30; 000. Determine Stephanie's expected value.

.65(70; 000) + :35(􀀀30; 000) = 35; 000


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