Wednesday, August 3, 2016

eLitmus is different than other employability test for freshers. eLitmus’s pH test is divided into three sections namely: 
1)      Quantitative
2)     Logical
3)     Verbal

Each section consists of 200 marks with 20 questions.
You can easily score 90 or more percentiles in each section of eLlitmus’s pH exam. You need to follow a proper strategy and practicing only relevant topics and questions.
Attempt question only with 100% accuracy even if the number of attempts are less.
Following are the breakdown of eLitmus’s pH test important topics and number of questions estimated from respective tests.
Quantitative Section :
 (8-9 correct answers will be more than enough)
Important topics in quantitative section are:
Ø  Logarithms (1 question in every exam is asked which is score-able)
Ø   Functions
Ø   Geometry(basic question will be asked revising properties will do the work)
Ø   Number system (application of HCM,LCM and remainder theorem will do the work)
Ø   Time-Speed-Distance
Ø  Time and Work
Ø   Percentages
Ø  Allegations
Ø  Profit Loss.

Practice all these topics very well for quantitative section and you will definitely score a 90+ in this section.
Logical Reasoning and Data interpretation
(6-8 correct answers will be more than enough)
Important Topics in Logical Reasoning section are:
Ø  Crypt-arithmetic (3 questions for one problem straight away)
Ø  Arrangement Questions: Practice and in exam give at least 20-30 mins to solve arrangement question cause it will fetch you straight 5 answers correct. You can switch crypt with data sufficiency questions.
Verbal Section :
(9-11        orrect answers will be more than enough)

Ø  Reading comprehension
Ø  Para Jumbles
Ø  Sentence Completion
Ø  Synonyms and Antonyms

Practice and prepare well basics of grammar. It will help you easily to score 90+ in verbal section. This section is considered comparatively easy than other two section.

I hope it will be helpful for all of eLitmus takers. All the best and GET PLACED SOON J

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